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Annuity Fund

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The Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 21 Annuity Fund is a “profit-sharing” retirement plan that provides defined contribution retirement benefits to all Local 21 members.   In contrast to your Zone 1 or Zone 2 Pension Fund, the Annuity Fund is an account-based retirement plan similar to a 401(k), except that only employers make contributions to participant accounts at hourly rates determined by the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Furthermore, the Annuity Fund is a “participant-directed” fund, which means that participants may choose from an endorsed selection of investments to invest their accounts based on their own needs and risk tolerance.  In addition to retirement benefits, the Annuity Fund provides termination, loan and hardship benefits.

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Empower Retirement Purchases MassMutual

Click above link to learn more about Empower Retirement's purchase of MassMutual.  Here are the important take-aways for you:

You do not need to do anything at this time and there will be no immediate changes to the
way you interact with your retirement plan account:

• Same website (and login credentials).
• Same, continuing contributions.
• Same investments and investment options.
• Same call center number.
• Same mobile app.
• Same dedicated service you’ve come to rely on.

While most aspects of our relationship with Empower is the exact same as was with MassMutual, you will notice the re-branding of the Empower Retirement logo on all electronic and paper media.  

Please make sure your contact information (e-mail AND mailing address) are up-to-date with Empower to ensure you receive all communications about the transition.  We do not anticipate the need, but the Fund Office will be in touch with you if there is any action to take.