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New York State Board of Elections - Absentee Ballot Information - (5/22/2020)

New York State Board of Elections - Absentee Ballot Information


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, New York State Board of Elections has recently approved a measure to easily vote by mail for the upcoming primary election, taking place on June 23rd. Primary elections traditionally have low voter turnout, and we can expect an even lower volume this year because of the unprecedented circumstances we face. In this unique election, voting and making your voice heard is more important than ever. With this in mind, there are a few things you should know if you plan to vote by mail for the June 23rd election.


Every New York State registered voter will be receiving an Absentee Ballot Application to the address where they are registered, with pre-paid postage. Once the application is filled out, you can send the filled-out form to the address listed on the application. You should check the “temporary illness or physical disability” box in the reason category. You will then receive an Absentee Ballot which can be used to vote-by-mail without physically going to your polling location on Primary Day.


If you don’t want to wait for the application to be mailed to you, you can request an absentee ballot a few other ways:

Your completed application for an Absentee Ballot must be postmarked by June 16, 2020.  If you prefer, you will also still be able to vote and early vote in-person for the June 23rd election. For more information about your polling site, visit:


Voting is an incredibly important civic responsibility and the most effective way to participate in your government. Make sure you fill out your Absentee Ballot Application as soon as possible!

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